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Enflower has formulated an optimum CBD eye cream to counter and attack pesky eye problems. This could be the newest addition to your skin care that completely changes the game. Our all-natural CBD oil eye cream targets problem areas to lighten, smooth, and moisturize the under eye area. The CBD oil, along with commonly used oils, provide anti-inflammation properties to help soothe puffiness and reduce the appearance of dark circles. This product goes a step further to even be used as a face cream, to alleviate sun spots, sunburn, rashes, dryness, and anti-aging all over. This product will help restore suppleness and radiance to the delicate eye area, and you’ll see the results you dreamt of. This CBD eye serum can easily be added to your routine to enhance your skin and your life.

Size: 2oz 150mg

How to Use CBD Eye Cream:

• First, rinse your face with cool water.
• Then, apply a small amount of Eye Cream to under your eyes, using circular motions.

CBD Eye Cream Offers Immediate Relief From Puffy Eyes and Helps Reduce Fine Lines.

Out with the old, and in with the new! The world is turning to a new alternative when it comes to skincare, and that includes CBD! We’re done with the harsh chemicals and unrecognizable ingredients. The answer we’ve all been looking for has been in front of all of us. For centuries, we’ve grown hemp, but not for its medicinal uses.

Within hemp and marijuana is a cannabinoid called Cannabidiol, or CBD. And it’s gaining popularity quickly due to its newly sought-after uses. From anti-aging, antibacterial, moisturizing, and much more. However, the hemp plant is full of vitamins and omega fatty acids, making it optimal for skin care. Still not enough proof? Here are 5 reasons to swoon you to the CBD side.

Your Skin Needs Vitamins to Enhance Your Glow

You’ve heard your parents impose that vitamins are essential to your health and growth. It’s the same with your skin! Glowing skin can be an effect of a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes, even that isn’t enough. Certain climates just can’t help but be against you, and this when your skin could use an extra boost.

Two of the most rejuvenating vitamins are Vitamin C & E, and Hemp just happens to be packed full of it. They help to protect your skin against harsh environment issues and anti-aging!

Gentle Acne Treatment For Sensitive Skin

The products given out today are not only harsh for your skin but could affect your health tremendously. These products are prescribed by doctors, but luckily there is a less harmful alternative. The fatty acids found in CBD products provide anti-inflammatory properties, a crucial part in acne. CBD is also antibacterial, which is one of the many reasons for acne, along with a build of sebum, that CBD counteracts.

Helps Relieve Tired Puffy Eyes

Long days and lots of stress can take a toll on us, especially around the eye area. It can cause puffiness around the eye area, and we aren’t a fan. The skin near our eyes is thinner and requires a gentler approach when trying to treat anything. With the help of CBD eye creams, you can soothe the area with its anti-inflammatory effects as it tightens and reduces puffiness at ease.

Your Natural Approach to Anti-Aging

CBD has shown to directly affects receptors in the brain, and react positively. We already produce natural cannabinoids, so when increasing the amount of these cannabinoids, research has suggested that CBD can increase the body’s cell regeneration ability. Meaning that your skin will be healthier, with fewer signs of aging.

Your Singular Solution to Various Skin Issues

Skin can be tricky, as it varies from person to person, and can even change with season and routine. Finding a clean cosmetic product that could treat it all, is even trickier. Cannabidiol has been seen to treat many various skin problems, from decreasing the amount of sebum produced, to moisturizing dry skin. It seems to do it all.

And even if you don’t suffer from any skin conditions, it can help you keep your skin tight, moisturized, and reduce wrinkles to come. CBD based products are the new revolutionary skin care superhero. And it’s time you met your hero.

What are the key benefits of CBD Eye Cream?

CBD eye creams can smooth skin, lighten the skin under your eyes, reduces puffiness, anti-aging

Ideal For These Concerns:

Sunburn, Puffy eyes, Rashes, Dryness, Anti-aging


  1. water-based
  2. carrot seed essential oil
  3. rose essential oil
  4. preservative of optichen
  5. vitamin e
  6. sweet almond oil
  7. emulsifying wax
  8. green tea
  9. rosehip oil
  10. lavender essential oil
  11. tinted with a natural mica

The Perks of Enflower’s CBD Eye Cream:

  • YES Anti-aging
  • YES Natural Essential oils
  • NO Parabens & Paraffins
  • NO Animal Testing
  • NO Dyes only Natural Mica
  • NO Fragrances


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